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Great experience ! Great colors! Great haircut! What else can I say! Everything is just great😍will keep on coming back only to your place💕thank you team Highlight🎈🎉
Jacquelyn Borromeo  -  - OOPS. YOU MISSED OUT OFFERS :(
Jacquelyn Borromeo
Thanks to this Salon for my hair color. Really great in hair coloring. Definitely will come back again. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO ALL! 5 STAR!!!
Mercy Lhmous Sauboy  -  - OOPS. YOU MISSED OUT OFFERS :(
Mercy Lhmous Sauboy
I visited Highlight Salon last week and I really want to recommend! The staff is very kind, helpful and the cut was perfect! Thanks 🙏
Marco Legittimo Fritzi  -  - OOPS. YOU MISSED OUT OFFERS :(
Marco Legittimo Fritzi
I and my daughter had a very good Brazilian Blowout Keratin Treatment at Highlight Salon. It has lasted about 4 months (longer than average) and the Hairstylist was very professional and pleasant. He listened to exactly what I wanted and he was very attentive. It's tricky to find a good place to do a Brazilian Keratin Treatment right - I've tried many salons in Sharjah & Dubai for Brazilians - and the team Highlight Salon does a great job. Also, his salon is full of sunlight and very private. You get very personalized service here. I fully recommend Hairstylist Vk if you're looking for a good Brazilian Blowout in Dubai.
Ramani Lakshmanan  -  - OOPS. YOU MISSED OUT OFFERS :(
Ramani Lakshmanan
This is indeed the best Hair Salon in Dubai. From Consultation to Finish, the Hair Stylist fulfill my expectations to a much higher degree than I expected. He cut my hair extremely well and fix my Frizzy Hair with excellent customer service. Will recommend Highlight Salon!
Bindu Prashanth  -  - OOPS. YOU MISSED OUT OFFERS :(
Bindu Prashanth
I had a wonderful experience in the Highlight salon, thanks to a very professional hair stylist Gihan.He was extemely patient and polite, asked details about my hair history and suggested what would be the best treatment / colour and cut for He was very careful with bleaching my hair and used a hair protecting serum.I left from there feeling happy and pretty. 'What more can you ask for?:) Thank you so much Gihan!!!
Hana Mathew  -  - OOPS. YOU MISSED OUT OFFERS :(
Hana Mathew
Very nice staff. Very good price. For other customers orientation, when you arrive to the hotel you need to go down the parking entrance in order to get in.
Sheila Degi  -  - OOPS. YOU MISSED OUT OFFERS :(
Sheila Degi
Gihan is one of the most experienced Hair dresser I had the chance to know yesterday. Very professionnal, attentive, detailed and smily 😁Result of Blow Out Brazilian treatment is beyond my expectations. Thank you again !
Yasmine Hb
When it comes to hair, i am hard to satisfy person. Thanks to high light saloon, they did an amazing job on my hair. I d highly recommend. The staff is friendly, humble. Jihan is a great stylist, it was really fun visit will surely visit again!
Kiran Shakeel Abbasi  -  - OOPS. YOU MISSED OUT OFFERS :(
Kiran Shakeel Abbasi
After much search and review reading went in for getting blonde highlights done with extremely fragile looking hair and thanks to Gihan now my hair has been so much easier to manage and healthier looking even after the bleaching. The only thing i did was trusted him as an expert and so followed through with his recommendations on olaplex, brazilian blowout and the follow up home products. Its been a month and my hair looks the same as it did in the salon after a quick blowdry after wash. Very glad I found someone who understands hair well and we definitely dont mind the drive from Abu Dhabi to visit Gihan for any hair issues! 😊
Shibali Nayak Aherkar  -  - OOPS. YOU MISSED OUT OFFERS :(
Shibali Nayak Aherkar
Thank you Highlight Salon for the excellent service. I would really recommend all my friends out there to visit you for their hair dressing.. My special thanks to Gihan the professional hair stylist.. He checked my hair and he suggested me the best hairstyle which suits my face. The final result was really awesome. Thanks once again Gihan.
Divya Bhat
Went for a protein treatment. I love what they've done to my hair. The staff are very knowlegeable and accommodating. Would definitely return!
Rachel Ann
I've finally found someone to cut my hair in Dubai! Gihan is the one. I have been looking for years for someone who could do a short cut (modified pixie) and this is the best cut I've had in a very long time. He also did highlights, and I had a fabulous mani-pedi from Tersi while the rest was happening. I've found my place!
Bonnie Woolley  -  - OOPS. YOU MISSED OUT OFFERS :(
Bonnie Woolley
Just had keratin treatment and hair cut done by Gihan and couldn’t be Happier! He was super professional and perfectionist and I will definitely recommend his work and the salon to all my friends here in Dubai. Thanks Gihan for your patience and hard work 😃
Ana Ribeiro  -  - OOPS. YOU MISSED OUT OFFERS :(
Ana Ribeiro
First time in this Salon, the experience was amazing with great results. I had my keratin hairtreatment with the experienced lady Ms. Marlyn. And had my nails taken care of and done by Tersi. The whole tea was very accommodating and they even send you a reminder for you appointment which is great (for people who tend to forget appointment 😁) The salon is situated on the roof floor of The Canvas hotel.
Mathilda Jeanny Chetty  -  - OOPS. YOU MISSED OUT OFFERS :(
Mathilda Jeanny Chetty
I had a very good experience in this saloon and I highly recommend their services. I had my balayage and I really do love my hair. I really felt young with my balayage hair and the way they cut my hair. Thanks to Ellie for making me pretty everyday!
Mary Grace Porto  -  - OOPS. YOU MISSED OUT OFFERS :(
Mary Grace Porto
I had a great experience with stylist Gihan! He really took the time to understand my wishes and explain what's best for my hair. The difference between before and after was incredible; from very dull, dry and damaged hair to fresh healthy hair with beautiful balayage and great hair cut. Thank you Gihan!
Jenna Linda Banninga-Frighetto  -  - OOPS. YOU MISSED OUT OFFERS :(
Jenna Linda Banninga-Frighetto
Ely just does wonders! I loved the Balayage he does and Im so glad I went there the second time. Thanks a ton for your great patience and hard work! Nothing can buy or replace efforts! God bless !
Pearl Salomie  -  - OOPS. YOU MISSED OUT OFFERS :(
Pearl Salomie
I went to Highlight salon with depressed dry and frizzy hair owing to a bleach treatment done for my highlights, however after getting my Brazilian blowout treatment done by Tania, the texture of my hair improved a lot. With the extra effort she took to explain me the procedure and spending time on my hair, the wait for getting the treatment completed was worth it. After few months I followed up with a keratin treatment through Marlene and I must say that every time I visit them, I am very satisfied with the staff both Marlene and Tania. They can do wonders with your hair. Highly recommended. See you’ll soon. Thanks
Kausar Shaikh  -  - OOPS. YOU MISSED OUT OFFERS :(
Kausar Shaikh