What is Hair Color Correction? Have you ever been told that you will need a color correction in order to achieve the color you want? You were probably left wondering, “What is a color correction, what does it entail, and do I even want one?”




Have you ever been told that you will need a color correction in order to achieve the color you want? You were probably left wondering, “What is a color correction, what does it entail, and do I even want one?”

So as not to launch into cosmetology school 101, in this Blog post we will try to break this down as simple as possible. Keeping in mind that every single color situation is different and that every color correction is extremely complex, there are two general types of color corrections (this is making it VERY general as there are limitless possibilities when it comes to color and correcting it). Both would be considered color corrections if you are changing previously artificially colored hair. However, virgin hair can also require color corrections as well. The first type of color correction is making dark color much lighter. The other makes light color much darker. Both may entail multiple color services, sometimes done all in one day and sometimes done over a period of weeks or months. Typically a color correction service can be very costly, time-consuming, and sometimes can even be damaging to the hair. If you have colored your hair dark and now want to be a lot lighter all over, it is not as easy as it sounds. Your hair might need to be “color cleansed” one or more times, then colored again to achieve a nice tone. If you have very light hair and want to go much darker, it may need to be colored two or more times in order for the color to stay. Our L’Oreal Professional colorists will know which tones to put into the hair to help the color to last longer, be a pretty tone, and not fade right away.

Call your hair salon and ask if they do complimentary hair color consultations. Most do. Let them know over the phone whether you have colored hair and that you are looking for a big change (whether you are wanting to go lighter or darker) and want to talk to a professional colorist about what options they recommend. This will allow the salon to book the correct amount of time for your consultation.

BRING TO YOUR CONSULTATION: Pictures of what you want to do to your hair and an honest list of your color history. Anything that you have put on your hair, whether it is the sun in, a shine treatment, a box color from the store, smoothing/straightening/perming/Brazillian Smoothers, etc. It is all part of your color history and your stylist needs to know! Also, if you are pregnant, always let your stylist know right away if you get any kind of chemical services. Or, if you are allergic to color! Very important.

Ask lots of questions and make sure your colorist gives you a few different options to choose from. Some options might get you very close to your results in one day and other options might take more time but over the long run be less damaging.

Get price quotes (keep in mind these are usually just general quotes, the stylist never really knows until they are performing the service how much color will be required) and an approximate time of how long you should expect to be at the salon that day. Some color corrections can take 6 hours or more! So be prepared (and bring a snack!).

If you don’t have a salon that you call home yet, book at least three consultations with different salons. This will give you a better idea of your options, what costs to expect, and will help you make a better decision for the health and outcome of your hair.

Do not try to do it yourself at home! Color is a very complex chemical process and is different for every person. A major change like this should be done by a professional. If you attempt to do it yourself, at home, there are high chances that it will go wrong and it will even complicate everything more.

After your consultation, you should have a good idea of how you would like to proceed and the salon can book your future appointment accordingly. Color can be overwhelming but with the right team of hair professionals by your side, you can achieve amazing results anytime you want to change your look!